Importing work time from Jira

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How importing time works

Importing time from Jira is the key for charging clients.

When engaging in the process of importing time from Jira, it's essential to bear in mind the following considerations:

  • BillWize comes with a custom field that represents the contract between a worker and a client.

Ensure that you have set your Jira issue layout to include BillWize’s custom field. Demo.

Selecting multiple contracts for an issue is not currently supported , this feature is part of our roadmap and will be implemented in future updates

  • Time is sourced from Jira worklogs.

  • The time imported into the invoice remains unaltered automatically, ensuring the persistence of the invoice. This remains true even if modifications are made to the worklogs within Jira.

  • BillWize enables you to apply an assortment of filters to each invoice, Including filtering by date range, clients , contracts or workers.

Permissions required :

  • Browse projects project permission for the project that the issue is in.

  • If issue-level security is configured, issue-level security permission to view the issue.

  • If the worklog has visibility restrictions, belongs to the group or has the role visibility is restricted to.

The process of time importation is based on a contract and a range of dates.

  1. Date Range Selection: Define precise date ranges for time importation.

  2. Contract-based Importation: When importing time, BillWize filters worklogs associated with specific contracts. This enables you to assign time entries to the relevant contract, simplifying your invoicing procedure and ensuring accurate billing for contract-related issues.