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Our dashboard includes filters including date filter, giving you the flexibility to generate reports based on your preferred timeframe. Whether you need monthly, yearly, or custom reports, you get a more personalized and insightful view of your invoices.

Monthly finances

Our dashboard is designed to provide you with a simple way to track your invoicing cash flow. It offers a variety of charts that make understanding your invoicing data simple:

Issued invoices : This graph displays the number of invoices you've generated each month, offering a visual representation of your invoicing activity over time. It helps you identify busy periods and track trends in your invoicing.


Status of all invoices : The bar chart provides an overview of the status of all your invoices. It categorizes them into different statuses, such as paid, outstanding, or overdue.


Recent Invoices: This section displays your most recent invoices, providing you with a snapshot of your latest invoicing activity.


Cumulative Issued Invoices : this graph functions as a running total of invoices generated over the months, providing you with a visual representation of your invoicing volume and growth. It offers insight into the overall expansion of your invoicing activity.

Invoice Aging

We provide visual charts that present aging data in an easy-to-understand format. These charts offer a quick snapshot of your invoice aging, making it even simpler to identify trends that require attention.

Our dashboard categorize unpaid invoices by various timeframes, typically in increments of 30 days. This means you can quickly discern which invoices are overdue by 1 months, 2 months, 3 months, or even more.

Clients Report

A client report helps you make smart decisions about your clients, it enables :

  1. Revenue Boost: It shows you which clients bring in the most money, so you can focus on growing those relationships and maybe even offering them more services.

  2. Payment Check: You can easily see if any clients owe you money or have unpaid bills. This helps you manage your cash flow and make sure you get paid on time.

  3. Biggest Debtors: The chart helps you find out who owes you the most money. This way, you can prioritize getting that money back and taking the right steps to collect it.