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A contract serves as a vital link between a client and a worker within our system. To ensure the smooth and accurate functioning of our application, it is very important that the contract is consistently associated with the logged time within each ticket.

When logging time in a Jira issue, it's crucial to make sure you select the right contract in the contract field. This ensures that the time you're recording is correctly associated with the specific contract it pertains to, helping to maintain accurate and organized records.


Viewing Contracts

To view contracts, click on Contracts in the main menu. You can use the search filter to view a contract with a given name, client or consultant.

Creating - Editing Contracts

To create a contract, use the new contract button on top of the list of contracts.


To edit a contract, find the action column in the client list and click on edit icon.

Contract editor has the following elements





Contract Name

Provides a clear and identifiable label for the contract

Hourly Rate

The rate at which a consultant or worker is compensated for their time and services under the contract


The monetary unit in which the contract's financial transactions are recorded

Start Date

The date on which the contract becomes effective

End Date

The date when the contract is set to conclude or expire.


The client entity with whom the contract is established.


The worker or consultant who is responsible for fulfilling the terms of the contract


The specific projects associated with the contract


The current state of the contract. It includes “Open”, “Closed”.

Deleting Contracts

To delete a contract, find the action column in the contract list and click on delete icon.

Deleting a contract does not delete the history of its related invoices.